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The Art in Chuck's World
For Chuck, his entire life was a form of extreme performance art that he was constantly revising and improving.

Paddling, Sailing, Running, Skiing, Target Shooting, Bicycling, Motorcycling, Skydiving, Orienteering,
Rock Climbing, Archery, Paragliding, Coaching, Combat Engineering, Soldiering, Reality TV Star

...these were his arts, and he mastered each one with extraordinary skill and grace.

In the rest of his family, he was surrounded by more traditional kinds of artists.

Chuck's father, who called himself Lu (for his middle name, Luther), was an accomplished artist, illustrator, wood carver, model maker and sculptor.Phoenix RisingPhoenix Flying
Lu created a series of whitewater drawings based on photos taken during Chuck's paddling trips. When he went to his various events, Chuck would bring copies of the art and sell them to help raise money for his ambitious athletic endeavors.

Lu Lyda 1963One of the most popular items Chuck brought to his races were copies of Lu's greatest masterpiece: the "Viking Dragon Boat." This collection of illustrations and handwritten text provide a complete education about the history and culture of the Vikings, including meticulously rendered technical art depicting every detail of an authentic Dragon Boat. The writing along the left-side border says, "This boat was found in a burial mound in Gokstad, Norway in 1888. An exact replica was built and sailed from Norway to Chicago for the Exposition in 1893 -- It handled perfectly." This actual boat is currently being restored to its original glory in Geneva, Illinois, by Friends of the Viking Ship.

Whitewater 03Whitewater 04

Whitewater 02Whitewater 06

Viking Dragon Boat

Friends LogoTales of the Chicago Viking Ship (from an email to Grady Lyda)
by Ralph Frese, who has contributed to restoration efforts

Chicago Viking ShipWe have collected an enormous amount of info on the vessel and its journey. I have a copy of a narrative one of the crewmen wrote afterwards and also some of Captain Magnus Anderson's stories. There is a great report about when the crew was received in New York City where they were treated to many banquets, etc. They had left one such occasion when they were beset upon by some street thugs, and when the police were called, they arrested the Norwegians instead of the street gang. The crew did not show up at the next fete held for them and it took quite a while for the hosts of the next event to track down what had happened and where they were being held in jail. Well, it turned out that the street thugs were a bunch of Italians who did not want Columbus' honor stripped by the Vikings' claim to have arrived in America first, so they staged the brawl in collusion with the police.

The Art of Charles Anthony Wilimovsky
HoresemenLittle StudioMarket

Taos PuebloLady in ChairFiesta

VillageNauticalTree Lined Path

Chuck was named for his maternal grandfather, Charles A. Wilimovsky, who was a noted painter in the first half of the 20th Century. One of his paintings is stored at the Louvre Museum, and some of his etchings can be found at the Smithsonian.

Charles WilimovskyBorn: Chicago, Illinois, 1885
Died: Torrance, California, 1974

Traveled to Europe in 1913 to paint, returning to the United States in 1915, where he accepted a position at the Kansas City Art Institute. Also painted in California, Wisconsin, New Orleans, the Mexican Southwest Coast, and Taos, New Mexico. Attended the Art Institute of Chicago, pupil of J.C. Johansen and William Merritt Chase. Attended Academie Julian in Paris. Exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1906 through 1947; Kansas City Art Institute, 1916-1923 with International exhibitions in Paris, Brussels, Rome and Florence. Taught at the Art Institute of Chicago, and in 1920 at the Kansas City Art Institute. Students: Ralph Goltry, 1884-1971, who was the founding member of the Phoenix Art Guild, and Walter Alexander Bailey, 1894-1978, muralist and landscape painter. Member: Alumni, Art Institute of Chicago; Chicago Society of Etchers; Chicago Society of Painters and Sculptors.

More C.A. Wilimovsky Art
Please Click Photos Below to See Full Image

Taos MountainsAltitudeTree Doctor AdvertisementTaos Dwellings

Taos VillageBy The RiverGroveRanch House

After Rain, New OrleansLake Salisbury, WisconsinCallejon Del Toro, Mexico CityLittle Town, New Mexico

Dappled WoodsDel ToroBalcony, New OrleansWoodland Colors
See even more art here: Wilimovsky Gallery

Magic Pizza PosterGrady, Chuck's younger brother, is an artist, writer, graphic designer, webmaster, and semiconductor fabrication operator. Born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1954, Grady grew up in San Diego, and later in Newport Beach, California, where he attended Newport Harbor High School. Most of his time has been spent in SoCal, but Grady has also traveled to Rome, Milan, Florence, Madrid, Barcelona, Copenhagen, and Puerto Vallarta. He has visited a month or more in Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, South Dakota, Idaho, Oregon, and Hawaii. Today Grady lives in Corona, California, with his wife, Celia, and daughter, Elora.

His first professional illustration was published in the April 1975 issue of Galaxy Magazine, and his first comic book story, Out of Space-Out of Time, (later renamed The Star Boundary) appeared in Star*Reach issue 6 (October 1976). This was followed by his innovative Tempus Fugit time travel series in Star*Reach issues 11, 13, 14, & 15.

Tempus FugitDuring and after the publication of these stories, Lyda continued as a freelance artist for various companies. From 1978 to 1981, he worked for Hi-Point Enterprises/Spirit Accessories, a fashion accessory wholesaler in Hollywood, producing advertising, illustrations, catalogs and logos. The president of this company, Jerry Hasson, went on to create the Magic Pizza Family Entertainment Center on Sepulveda Boulevard in Manhattan Beach, California, a novelty restaurant with a fantasy/magic-themed environment. From 1982 to 1984, Lyda served as principal artist for Magic Pizza during the development and construction of the restaurant, designing its business identity as well as advertisements, brochures, business cards, logos, interior signage and posters.

Grady Lyda 2009Grady also became a technical illustrator and graphic designer in the Defense & Aerospace industry. In 1978, he joined Mercury Consolidated, a busy job shop in Tustin, California, where he became an Art Department Supervisor and was granted a Secret Clearance in 1979. There, he made pick-ups and bids for out-sourced graphic design jobs from prime contractors such as McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In 1993, he was hired by the Rockwell International Autonetics Division in Anaheim where he worked in the Central Graphics Department generating manuals, ads, posters, schematics, vugraphs, slides, and government proposals. He was laid-off prior to the company's acquisition by Boeing in 1996. He went on to work in the Creative Services Department of semiconductor manufacturer Conexant Systems Inc., formerly Rockwell Semiconductor Systems. Later, he was employed by Conexant's spin-off, Jazz Semiconductor (now TowerJazz), a wafer foundry in Newport Beach. He also worked at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim for 9 months. Currently, Grady is back at TowerJazz, this time as semiconductor Fab Operator processing silicon wafers in a Class 4 Clean Room to make microchips for electronic products. He also created a website, MasteringTheNet.com, that is dedicated to helping everyone make money online.

Elora in CharcoalElora Self PortraitElora, Chuck's niece (Grady and Celia's daughter), is the next generation of artistic pioneers in the Lyda family. Her amazing portfolio of graphic design projects, videos, photos, and illustrations can be found here: EloraLyda
Elora is a recent graduate of the Design | Media Arts program at UCLA. Her beloved Uncle Chuck passed away on the same day as her college commencement ceremonies. A strong believer in magic and the power of Disney, she is convinced that dreams can come true (and is currently waiting for it to happen). A lover of animation, movies, videogames, and all things cute, her enthusiasm gets the better of her on many occasions, usually resulting in embarrassing situations. She specializes in motion, film and illustration, which reflects her strong passion for bringing things to life. However, she has dabbled in various fields such as graphic design, web design and photography, and is willing to learn and pursue any creative challenge that comes her way. In her downtime, Elora watches movies, plays videogames, and daydreams constantly. She hopes to one day be the rich and famous owner of a franchise popular enough to have its own crazed fans and cosplayers. Elora worked at Disneyland for two years, and recently served as Creative Media Manager at Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar, California. Currently, Elora is employed as an illustrator and graphic designer at LOCUS New Media.

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