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There is currently an explosion of newcomers who are turning to the net for help in surviving these harsh economic times. Whether you are looking for an additional income or if you're out of work and desperately seeking new ways to get by, you will find all the answers here.

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Head BangAt least 90% of all internet marketing schemes are barely legal ripoffs. Nobody who is in-the-know will disagree with that. So what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of newest newbies who are frantically searching for the best ways to survive online? Unfortunately, most of them will become victims of typical "dot con artists." They will waste wads of cash and years of time, then end up with absolutely nothing to show for it.

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In order to learn about the current state of online wealth-producing programs, I bought more than a dozen of the most popular offerings and checked them out. Some were bad, others were not so bad, but (with a few notable exceptions) none were really, really good. It's easy to see why so few people manage to make any money after buying this awful stuff.

Sure, there are many effective methods for making money online, but the central problem all first-timers must solve is this: "How do I start? Where do I go, what do I do, how do I do it, and what is the cheapest way?"

Most of these Work At Home products fail to help newcomers enter the Internet Marketing arena for the same reasons. When you spend money on an eBook, a Membership Site, or a series of Videos, you will experience a sudden surge of hope. "At last, I will discover the secrets for success. I am on my way to financial freedom."

Then your enthusiasm quickly fades as you realize this information is not going to help you one bit. Whether you paid $9.95 or $995, the result is always the same: You give it a shot, try to make sense of the suggestions and recommendations, but ultimately you give up and kick yourself for wasting your time and money. It is all too confusing, complicated, and impractical.

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MasteringTheNet's eBook NOW is jam-packed with easy to follow, specific visual instructions for setting up your own MoneyMaking Website. With actual screenshots and simple diagrams, you will see how every step is accomplished, taking one easy goal at a time until your final Sales Page is up and running, ready to earn profits immediately -- AND you are shown how it can be done in as little as three days with no outside help from anyone.

This is not the typical how-to book with lots of boring words giving you some lame ideas that might work. I am showing the actual creation of a real product that is currently being sold on a real webpage. See exactly how it is done -- and you will be doing it yourself while you're reading about it. It is amazingly quick and simple.

Everything you need to do is clearly explained and demonstrated, and the best alternative methods are also offered if you want to try faster or cheaper ways. You get dozens of hyperlinks to the best available online companies and resources that will start earning you money as quickly as possible.

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eBook NOW Strategy Guide Table of Contents

Day Number 1
GOAL ONE - Get a source for your content

OPTIONS: Other PLR Sources
GOAL TWO - Find the topic for your eBook
TIPS&Tricks: All about Private Label Rights
Research your book's topic
OPTIONS: Researching Your Niche Market
Finish your document's first draft
TIPS&Tricks: How to Format Your eBook
Fonts and Spacing
Layout and Table Of Contents Headings
Table Of Contents
Hyperlinks to Other Websites

Day Number 2
GOAL ONE - Get Your Domain and Web Host

OPTIONS: Domain Names and Web Hosts
TIPS&Tricks: Domains and Hosts
GOAL TWO - Find artwork
OPTIONS: Outsourcing Your Artwork
GOAL THREE - Create graphics
Finishing your eBook
Turn your document into a PDF
TIPS&Tricks: About PDFs

Day Number 3
- Create your Sales Letter

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Assemble your preliminary Sales Page
Resources for Building Your Web Pages

Searching for customers:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Looking under the hood:
Essential HTML codes
- Complete your Thank You Page
- Arrange your payment program
- Upload to your web host

Your Next Steps
You Are Off to a Good Start
Best Online Resources
Knowledge is Power
A Final Word

eBook NOW is the quickest, easiest, most effective method ever created
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No prior experience is needed.
If you have basic computer skills, a net connection and a credit card,
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Great information and also at a very good price! I particularly like the way that you have it formatted with lots of charts and graphs which makes for a very easy read. I would personally recommend this for any newbie or person who has never created an eBook before. Two big thumbs up!
-- Michael,

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For more than 20 years, I have worked as a communications specialist, graphic designer, webmaster, and marketing pro for top hi-tech companies in Southern California. My specialty is in constructing sensible instruction manuals that clearly explain complex procedures in simple visual terms.

I have been MasteringTheNet since the mid 1990s, and I put up my first website way back in 2001. For this eBook NOW Strategy Guide, I've extracted the most useful information from numerous internet Marketing Books, Videos, Forums, and Membership Sites in order to create a comprehensive, easy to follow, up-to-date handbook for making and selling your own eProduct as easily as possible. Get it now and start earning money next week, guaranteed.

If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, I am always happy to hear from you:

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