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Tempus Fugitives
The Movie

Available on the Amazon Kindle: Tempus Fugitives [Kindle Edition]

Mysterious Ultra-humans orchestrate a series of risky time travel
expeditions that will forever affect humanity's destiny

I am grateful to all the screenwriters at Zoetrope and TriggerStreet who helped me to improve this script.
Here are some comments from their generous critiques.

Wow! What an imaginative script! Certainly the detailed and idea-filled plot kept me interested and stimulated my imagination. The visual effects, if done correctly, could be a gorgeous display unlike anything ever seen before. In many ways, this script has a vision akin to "2001: A Space Odyssey." Well done!

I was stunned. You are not slight on ideas that are Sci-Fi lover's candy. Very crafty.

The story is a fascinating and eerie glimpse into the future of the human race.

I'd say this is a very well written and engaging story. It reminds me of why I fell in love with science fiction when I was a kid: it makes you think about alternate universes and realities, but has a solid story line that makes you want to turn the page to find out what happens next.

What's up with Dark Matter? What about Light Matter? Is immortality possible?
What would you do if you could travel thru time? What is the ultimate endgame for the human race?
Who, or what, is messing with our minds? Let's find out...

"Tempus Fugitives" is a true original, but it shares some similarities with these movies:
Avatar + The Matrix + Watchmen
+ Inception

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Sample Pages: TEMPUS FUGITIVES, The Movie

Pages 80, 81


In the upper level of Tempus Fugit, a sleepless Dez sits on the edge of his moonlit bed wearing an old bathrobe over pajamas. A clock reads "04:56 - 25 July 2045."

Out of the uncanny silence, a growing hum fills the air. Dez looks around and massages his ears. The hum fades away.

Behind him, a window is open to the night sky. He turns to gaze at the moon, then bends to hunt for his slippers. As he puts them on, he misses a spectacular series of shooting stars.


The bedroom door slides aside and he rises, shuffling toward his dark office.


On. Low.

A dim lamp is activated over his desk. The low-frequency hum returns as he slumps into his chair.

Sitting on the desktop are scale models of the four pyramidal time machines and a collection of figurines representing the fifteen missing test pilots.

He sighs and picks up one of the figures, contemplating it mournfully. The hum ceases. Suddenly, the office door opens.

Dez turns to see a dark shape in the doorway - a short, cloaked man backlit by the outer corridor. ULTRA DEVLOVE has materialized.

For you, guilt is carried
Like an ever-growing chain.


Lofty goals in life
Are a source of constant pain.

On. Full.

The ceiling lights come on and Dez clearly sees the large-eyed hooded fellow.

Wha- Who?

Behind this stranger, Stan steps into view. His arms are folded, his expression is grim.

DEZ (cont'd)
Oh. G'morning, Redmond. Who
is this Ultra and what does
he want?

He calls himself Ultra
Devlove, sir. I've never
seen him before.

Dez gets up, ties the belt around his robe and approaches his visitors. They back up into the corridor.


I have tended this place always,
A presence without a word,
Moving in the quiet way,
Unnoticed and unheard.

While they stand outside his office, the low-level hum returns.

(to Stan)
You hear it too.

It's been coming and going all
night. I've been checking on
things, Dez. Nobody is here.

What do you mean?

This whole building is
empty except for you, me…
and that.

With his arms still folded, Stan gestures toward Devlove. Dez notices that Stan is discretely holding a pistol.

Pages 100, 101


Tertium Quid is a "third thing" that
exists between matter and energy.
It's a proto-life form with a
primeval kind of self-awareness,
and it can assume solid shapes
based on brainwave impulses.


Generally, TQ is pretty harmless,
but it's related to Dark Matter.
They've both been around since
before time began.

Okay. There's Dark Matter - and this
TQ, that would be Light Matter?

Maybe you could say that.

So, TQ is good, and DM is bad?

It's all neutral. DM is only
bad for us when the Void is
manipulating it to do destructive

Amber stands up in the ditch and trains her binoculars on the horizon, searching for the Neanderthal tribe.

Immediately, a tiger rockets toward her. Its claws strike her back as Stan fires. He stops after two hissing shots - the first Ultra-bullet has vaporized the entire rear half of the animal.

The head and torso drop into the ditch, leaving a growing puddle of blood. Amber looks at it, then hops up and surveys the rest of the pack. She ducks down.

I'd guess that's real. And the
rest of them are coming at us.

Stan rises, levels his pistol on the edge of the trench and begins shooting as saber-tooths randomly charge forward.

Amber stands and faces the opposite direction.

AMBER (cont'd)
How'd they get here so fast?

Stan glances back to see five Neanderthals one hundred yards away - three men and two women.

AMBER (cont'd)
Maybe they can help us.

Don't bet on it.

As Stan continues shooting tigers, Amber climbs out of the trench and faces the humans. She spreads her arms, palms out, trying to look friendly.

This is probably a sacred site
to them. If we can-

One of the females hurls a Paleolithic frisbee - a large triangular slab of rock.

It arrives with incredible speed, slamming into Amber's chest with such force she is propelled over the ditch, landing heavily on open ground. The Ultra-jacket has protected her again.

Stan grabs her foot and pulls her back into the trench just as a galloping saber-tooth makes a move for her head. Stan shoots, obliterating the front half of the beast.

Amber catches her breath and looks over the edge. Instantly, an enormous flint-tipped spear strikes her shoulder, spinning her around.

Do harm! Do harm!

He is busy firing continuous bursts as several cats rush him simultaneously.

Amber extends her right arm over the edge of the ditch, aiming her Ultra particle beam weapon. Two males are running toward her.

She squeezes off two shots - PHOO! PHOO! - and the stunned men drop.

To Production Companies and Literary Agents

Science Fiction Action/Adventure

Available on the Amazon Kindle: Tempus Fugitives [Kindle Edition]

A series of government-sponsored time travel experiments are secretly hijacked by mysterious Ultra-humans to combat a devastating cosmic threat.

Here is a groundbreaking 3D epic that visits the distant past, the far future, and exciting points in between. This fast-paced, boldly intelligent mystery sends memorable characters on a highly imaginative, visually stunning thrill-ride that explores time, space, and the ultimate future of the human race.

In a globally broadcast "Time Program" that rivals its previous "Space Program," the government is developing temporal transportation as a potential source of public tourism revenue. Enigmatic Ultra-humans are secretly putting this project to a more practical and ominous use. Disgruntled psychologist Amber Black becomes a central player in these events, confronting a personal future that transcends her wildest imagination.

TEMPUS FUGITIVES is based on a graphic novel that first appeared as "Tempus Fugit," a popular comic book series that was published in Star*Reach magazine. I wrote and illustrated the original story under the name Gray Lyda, and I am also the author of this screen adaptation.

As the sole creator and owner of this property, please let me know if you would like to become involved in developing this timely project as a theatrical production, or possibly as an innovative 3D TV miniseries.


Grady Lyda

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