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Is your work pressure building up and the 'stress meter' going higher?
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Discover these little-known but highly effective time-tested tips to help you
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Build Strength, Increase Flexibility, Burn Calories

This guidebook gives you 75 pages packed with an insider's knowledge
that will reveal the health advantages, increased vitality, relaxation, and
stress-relief that is so important to your challenging modern lifestyle.

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For more than 4,000 years, Yoga has been providing astounding benefits
for millions of people. Whether you are new to the Yoga Experience or
you've been practicing for years, here is the amazing new book
that will change your life and upgrade your health.

yogaExplore the origins of the various Yoga styles
yogaLearn which training program will suit you the best
yogaDevelop peak physical fitness for a long healthy life
yogaBoost your energy, stamina and endurance
yogaSee how Yoga improves your well-being and peace of mind

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bikram yoga BIKRAM YOGA
The Beginnings Of Yoga
The Hot New Form Of Yoga: Bikram
Bikram Yoga Benefits Require Regular Practice
Heat and High Humidity Burn Bikram Yoga Calories
Bikram Yoga Poses: Stand The Heat To Get The Benefits
Do Your Research Before Choosing A Bikram Yoga Class
How To Choose The Proper Bikram Yoga Clothing

yoga mat YOGA MAT
Shopping For A Yoga Mat
The Importance Of Using A Yoga Mat Review
Finding A Discount Yoga Mat
Finding Your Yoga Equipment: Yoga Mat Bag
The Benefits Of A Cotton Yoga Mat
Why You Should Use An Eco Yoga Mat
The Comfort Of An Extra Thick Yoga Mat

ashtanga yoga ASHTANGA YOGA
Ashtanga Is The Choice Of Athletes And Fitness Buffs
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: Synchronize Your Breathing
What To Look For In An Ashtanga Yoga Center
The Origins Of Ashtanga Poses Are Shrouded In Mystery
Ashtanga Yoga Class: Let The Blood Heat Up
An Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Is Exciting And Worthwhile

power yoga POWER YOGA
What Makes Power Yoga Different From Regular Yoga?
What Is Core Power Yoga?
Verge Power Yoga Is A Great Experience
Learning From A Power Yoga DVD
Prana Power Yoga Is Something Different
Doing Pilates Power Yoga At Home
Exercising With A Power Yoga Video

prenatal yoga PRENATAL YOGA
Bringing Prenatal Yoga Into Your Daily Routine
The Great Things About A Pregnancy Yoga DVD
Using A Pregnancy Yoga Video To Improve Health
All About Taking Prenatal Yoga Classes
Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy
The Wonderful Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

beginners yoga YOGA FOR BEGINNERS
What You Need To Practice Yoga For Beginners
Yoga Basics For Meditation
Yoga Lessons To Help With Stress
Easy Yoga Positions For Beginners
What To Look For In Yoga Classes For Beginners
Important Basic Yoga Exercises For Beginners

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The vision that you glorify in your mind,
the ideal that you enthrone in your heart,
this you will build your life by,
this you will become

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